The session has been recorded during the 9th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference in Vienna and it is now offered as free to view webinar to our members. Presenters: KENNETH J. MACK (US), COURTNEY KIPPS (UK), BOB SALLIS (US), SVETISLAV POLOVINA (HR)

Management of Headaches
KENNETH J. MACK, Professor, President Child Neurology Society, Mayo Clinic, Child and Adolescent Neurology, USA
Learning Objectives: • Understand common headache presentations in childhood • Review recent large prospective trials in headache treatment • Consider holistic treatment strategies involving both lifestyle and medication approaches

What is Concussion and How to Manage it?
COURTNEY KIPPS, Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow and Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine The Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health UCL, UNITED KINGDOM
Learning Objectives: • Review the signs and symptoms of sports-related concussion among children and adolescents • Understand the management options of sports-related concussion among children and adolescents • Explain when to refer for investigations or specialist opinion in managing sports-related concussion among children and adolescents

Update on Concussions: Why the Hysteria Around the Injury May be a Threat to Health
BOB SALLIS, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, UC Riverside School of Medicine, USA, Co-Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship, Kaiser Permanente, Chair, Exercise is Medicine, USA
Learning Objectives: • Define the signs and symptoms of sports related concussion • Summarize the true risks of repeated concussions • Design an evidence based strategy for managing sports related concussions

Different Therapeutic Approaches in the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy
SVETISLAV POLOVINA, Specialist Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Polyclinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, CROATIA
Learning Objectives: • Review different therapeutic approaches in the treatment of cerebral palsy • Discuss the lack of guidelines in the rehabilitation/treatment of cerebral palsy • Stress the importance of further research

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February 28, 2018 at 1:00pm - 3pm
Online (Central European Time)
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