♦︎ Session Format: Online Webinar 
Language: English 
Registration: Free
♦︎ Presenter: Teresa de Rojas, MD, Pediatric Oncologist and Medical Research Fellow. Children’s Leukemia Group; European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).

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Learning Objectives: (1) When to suspect cancer in pediatric patients: Warning signs that should not be missed. (2) How to avoid misdiagnosis: Are there any cancer-mimicking conditions to be worried about? When is it time to refer? (3) Mastering the difficult task of communication: What to tell the patient and family and how to transmit the essential information to your colleagues.

The webinar is part of the Excellence in Pediatrics Peer 2 Peer Education Program to train frontline healthcare professionals to early detect, diagnose and refer children with serious conditions. The program aims to fight under-diagnosed or late-diagnosed conditions for which treatments are available and early detection and early treatment could make significant difference in the condition development, the quality of life and the survival of the patients.