Language: English 

Duration: 70 minutes 

Topic: MPS

Speaker: CHRISTINA LAMPE, University Hospital of Gießen, Germany


Learning Objectives

PART 1: Introduction and Overview - What is MPS & Alpha-mannosidosis?

  •  How to diagnose MPS/mannosidosis early (early, signs and symptoms)

  •  Exploring the latest diagnostic options available to you

  •  Reviewing the pathophysiology of MPS /mannosidosis

PART 2: Red flags, Signs and symptom, the basis of diagnostics and when to refer if you suspect MPS or Alpha-mannosidosis

  •  Examining the multi-systemic features of the diseases

  •  Reviewing how to best follow up with patients - what are the immediate next steps?

  •  Understanding the latest treatment options available to the patient


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