Pediatric Endocrinology Recorded Sessions

Excellence in Pediatrics online webinars are designed to provide the latest updates and essential knowledge on specialty topics that will help specialists, and general pediatricians with a primary focus on the specialty conditions, to stay updated with the latest evidence and best practice advice, subsequently improving their everyday practice to the benefit of their patients.

Webinars are recorded and offered as videos to watch online. All recorded webinars are free to watch.

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RECORDED SESSION END-S1: Growth Disorders in Children. Growth chart, clinical findings and further evaluation

♦︎ Recorded: Friday, Oct 12, 2018
♦︎ Language: English
Presenter:ALAN ROGOL, Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics and Pharmacology, University of Virginia, USA
♦︎ Learning Objectives: (1) Define the range of normal growth during infancy / childhood /adolescence (2) Understand standardised growth charts and how to interpret a growth trajectory (3) Plan a parsimonious evaluation for growth disorders before referral to a sub-specialist

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RECORDED WEBINAR: Spot the Early Signs of Hormonal Insufficiency

♦︎ Session Format: Online Webinar 
Language: English
Registration: Free
♦︎ Presenter: Jerzy Starzyk, Head of Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology Department, Institute of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Medical College, Jagiellonian University, Poland (Presenter's Biography).

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