Recorded EIP Conference Sessions



[EIP 2016] Push Out the Boat and Adjust Maternal Nutrition
[EIP 2016] Early Nutrition for the Prevention of Allergies
  LEANNE GOH, University College London, UK
[EIP 2015] Feeding the Allergic Child
  SOPHIA KALLIS, University College London, UK
[EIP 2015] Cow’s Milk Allergy – More Than Just IgE
  LEANNE GOH, University College London, UK
[EIP 2015] Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition Update - from Diet to Digestive Health
  Prof. KATIE ALLEN, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Australia
[EIP 2015] Understanding and Applying the Latest Guidelines for Identifying Food Allergies in Children
  Prof. KATIE ALLEN, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. Australia
[EIP 2013] Feeding the Premature Infant Human Breast Milk - Is there a risk of CMV infection?
  Prof. ARTHUR EIDELMAN, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
[EIP 2013] Dietary and Lifestyle Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity: is Prevention Possible?
  Prof. BARBARA LIVINGSTONE, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
[EIP 2012] Eating Disorders in Primary Care

Prof. CORA COLLETTE BREUNER, University of Washington, USA

[EIP 2012] Exclusive Breastfeeding & Delayed Introduction of Allergens Prevents Food Allergies
  Prof. GIDEON LACK, King's College London, UK
[EIP 2012] Latest Insights from Ultrasound Studies into the Mechanics of Infant Feeding
  MIKE WOOLRIDGE, University of Leeds, UK
[EIP 2012] Preventing Childhood Obesity
  THOMAS N. ROBINSON, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
[EIP 2011] Long Term Consequences of Early Child Feeding and Growth Patterns
  Prof. LINDA ADAIR, University of North Carolina, USA
[EIP 2011] The Developing Microbial Ecology of the Intestinal Tract - Relationship to Subsequent Health
  Prof. JOSEF NEU, M.D, 
University of Florida, USA
[EIP 2011] The Effects of Breast Feeding and Complementary Feeding on Growth
  Prof. KIM FLEISCHER MICHAELSEN, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
[EIP 2011] Use of Science Innovation Partnerships to Control Micronutrient Deficiencies
  Prof. STANLEY ZLOTKIN, University of Toronto, Canada
 [EIP 2011] Prebiotics Effects in Infancy,  Microbiology to  Health
  Prof. ALFREDO GUARINO, University of Naples, Italy

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