MPS-C1M4: MPS and Alpha–mannosidosis: Challenges in Disease Management – Neurology


➡️ Language: English
➡️ Duration: 46 min
Presenter: MAURIZIO SCARPA, University Hospital Udine, Italy

Learning Objectives: (1) Understand the pathogenesis of CNS involvement in MPS and Alpha-mannosidosis (2) Learn clinical neurological features on MPS and Alpha-mannosidosis (3) Exploring the principle of neurological therapy in MPS and Alpha-mannosidosis

Maurizio Scarpa is Director of the Regional Coordinating Center for Rare Diseases Udine, University Hospital Udine, Italy


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Important Note: The information provided on this session is intended and designed for use by healthcare professionals with an interest in metabolic diseases, MPS and alpha-mannosidosis. All session viewers are required to register for the selected webinar before accessing the content. Content and views shared are solely those of the speaker.

The free-to-attend online course has been designed to help specialists and general paediatricians to reduce delay in the referral and diagnosis of patients with suspected MPS and alpha-mannosidosis, as well as improving the quality of patient’s lives who have already been diagnosed. On-time diagnosis is crucial for access to treatment and clinical trials, disease management and to access the proper care services at the earliest of the disease possible.

The course is an MPS Europe project in partnership with MetabERN and the Excellence in Pediatrics with the support of Abeona, Biomarin, Chiesi, Orchard Therapeutics, Regenxbio, Sanofi Genzyme, Takeda, and Ultragenyx. All modules of the course are independently organised by EIP in terms of content, topics and speakers appointed. 



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