Language: English ● Duration: 37 minutes Topic: ENT, Anaesthesiology, MPS

Speakers: Prof. MEHMET UMUT AKYOL, Hacettepe University, Turkey ● Dr MATTHIAS SCHAFER, Acura-Kliniken, Albstadt, Germany

Learning Objectives: PART 1 - OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY: (1) Gain awareness about the main otorhinolaryngological presenting signs of mucopolysaccharidoses and Alpha-mannosidosis and their time of show-up. (2) Recognize the challenges and dangers of surgical treatment of patients with mucopolysaccharidosis and Alpha-mannosidosis. (3) An overview of the other Otorhinolaryngological presenting symptoms of MPS and Alpha-mannosidosis and recommendations about the timing of treatment, treatment/consultation options. PART 2 - ANAESTHESIOLOGY: (1) Gain awareness about the adequate perioperative workup of severe phenotype MPS-patients. (2) Recognize the challenges and dangers of anaesthesia management of patients with MPS (3) An overview of main MPS symptoms influencing anaesthesia and postoperative care and recommendations for management.