EIP's Free-to-View Live Webinars Running Throughout 2021

A rundown of our upcoming Webinar Series topics for 2021.
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EIP is passionate about improving pediatric care by providing practical learning and advice to as many EIP Community Members and pediatricians as possible. One vital tool in achieving this goal is hosting our free-to-view webinars throughout the year. With this in mind the following Webinar Series will be delivered in 2021 with a certificate of attendance provided by the EIP Institute for those who attend a session.

Spotting the Signs of Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) in Children


4 Webinars

Taking Place: April - May 2021 

Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) is a rare hereditary disease characterized by the accumulation of fats called sulfatides. This causes the destruction of the protective fatty layer (myelin sheath) surrounding the nerves in both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, ultimately affecting intellectual and motor function. Early-onset clinical manifestations are often overlooked or confused with other conditions causing confusion among the non-trained HCPs of the first contact, resulting in misdiagnosis, wrong referral routes and delays in the early start of treatment. Delays in the start of treatment have significant consequences on the conditions’ development, and the patient’s health and quality of life. This delay in referral and treatment must be overcome. The 4 webinars in the Series will cover the basics of MLD, practical neurological case studies that offer the opportunity to connect the theory with the practice and treatment options.


MODULE 1 - An Introduction to and Overview of MLD


MODULE 2 - MLD Case Study Neurology - Paediatric Presentation and Early Diagnosis


MODULE 3 - MLD Case Study Neurology - Referral and Clinical Management


MODULE 4 - An Overview of Established & Emerging Treatments


Spotting the Signs of Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) in Children


4 Live Webinars

Taking Place: September - October 2021 

Misdiagnosis of Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) results in late diagnosis and the late start of treatment, which has significant consequences on long-term outcomes. This gap usually results in confusing symptoms with other conditions, most notably trying to address symptoms directly and therefore delaying actual diagnosis and treatment, or referring the patient to the wrong pediatric specialties causing further delays in the condition’s management chain. The 4 Webinars in Series 4 of the ongoing Spot the Early Signs of MPS Project builds on the previous 12 webinars (all of which can be accessed as free-to-view on-demand recordings via the MPS Resource Centre). Our target is to educate general paediatricians, paediatric rheumatologists, paediatric endocrinologists, ENT specialists and orthopedists (as specialists who often see patients with joint problems) about the signs of MPS through practical case studies, but also to arm them with the skills, knowledge and material to spread the message to their colleagues both in-person and online.


MODULE 1 - MPS Case Reports and Country Comparisons - Pediatric Endocrinology


MODULE 2 - MPS Case Reports and Country Comparisons - Pediatric Rheumatology


MODULE 3 - MPS Case Reports and Country Comparisons - Pediatric Otolaryngology


MODULE 4 - Educating Your Colleagues & Networks To Spot the Signs of MPS - Signs, Treatments, Messaging


12th EIP Conference Sessions broadcasted as Simulative Webinars


6 Simulative Webinars

Taking Place: February, March, April, May, June, July 2021 

In addition to the live webinars taking place as part of the Spot the Early Signs of MLD and MPS Webinars, we are pleased to announce that 5 recorded sessions from the 2020 virtual conference will be broadcast as simulative webinars to the Community throughout 2021. These free-to-view taster webinars will give you the chance to connect and learn from our faculty across Pediatric Dermatology, Pediatric Rheumatology, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, and Pediatric Respiratory. Each Webinar will be useful in its own right, but will also connect you to the content and plans of the 2021 conference programme to make your attendance at the 13th EIP Conference as useful to you as possible.


SESSION 1 - Pediatric Dermatology


SESSION 2 - Pediatric Rheumatology


SESSION 3 - Pediatric Gastroenterology


SESSION 4 - Pediatric Endocrinology


SESSION 5 - Pediatric Infectious Diseases


SESSION 6 - Pediatric Respiratory


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