Education Program Grants

The mission of the Excellence in Pediatrics Grants for Learning & Change is to partner with the global healthcare community to improve patient outcomes in areas of mutual interest through support of measurable learning and change strategies. Through this process we encourage organisations and individual healthcare professionals to submit grant requests that, if funded, will support education in a specific disease state, therapeutic area, or broader area of educational need.

Send us a brief summary of the program/project for which you are planning to request support. EIP will review your application and based on EIP's strategic priorities, the importance of the proposed program, the budget and EIP's available funds we will give clearance for the detailed application to be submitted and finally considered for a Grant by the Committee. 

The initial application should include the Title of the project, the organisational details, the goals and targeted audience, the activity plan, the timeline and a preliminary budget. Read what the final application, after initial approval, should include.