Special Interest network on General Pediatrics

CPAP instead of mechanical ventilation

Speaker: Baldvin Jonsson

Duration: 0:27:07

Advances in management of type 1 diabetes mellitus

Speaker: Joe I. Wolfsdorf

Duration: 0:30:40

Acute Otitis Media Antibiotics now later never

Speaker: Anne Vergison

Duration: 0:25:04

The association between good vaccination coverage and lower incidence of SID syndrome. USA data Case Study

Speaker: Jacqueline Muller

Duration: 0:15:35
Learning objectives: At the end of the video, viewers will: (1) learn how rates of sudden infant death syndrome have been decreasing constantly; (2) understand how increased vaccination coverage with diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis has been associated with lower rates of sudden infant death syndrome; and (3) understand the inverse relation between diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccination coverage and sudden infant death syndrome persists even after adjusting for infant sleep position.

Treatment and response recommendations for the most common pediatric injuries

Speaker: Damian Roland

Duration: 0:28:33
Learning objectives: At the end of the video, viewers will: (1) understand the spectrum of minor injuries in pediatric practice (2) learn how to recognise red flags in acute injuries; and (3) understand the limited evidence of treatment modalities in this area.

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