Special Interest network on General Pediatrics

Hygiene Hypothesis workshop small

Speaker: Rosalind Stanwell Smith
                Sally Bloomfield
                Graham Rook

Duration: 0:47:41

Exercise is Medicine

Speaker: Robert Sallis

Duration: 0:35:51

Advocating for Physical Activity for Children

Speaker: Margaret Talbot

Duration: 0:12:17

The Benefits of Exercise in Kids; How to Help Get Them Moving

Speaker: Robert Sallis

Duration: 0:27:09
Learning objectives: At the end of this video viewers will: (1) understand the woeful state of physical activity in kids today and the implications for future health; (2) learn the positive effects of exercise in treating and preventing disease; and (3) understand the powerful effect of exercise on brain health and its effect on test scores and behaviour.

Importance of sedentary behavior Research – Findings from the HBSC study

Speaker: Jens Bucksch

Duration: 0:21:20
Learning objectives: At the end of this video viewers will: (1) understand the importance of sedentary behaviour research in conjunction with physical activity research; (2) learn the recent trends in the prevalence in screen time behaviours; and (3) learn the recent trends in screen time behaviours.

Secular trends in moderate-tovigorous physical activity in 32 countries from 2002-2010

Speaker: Michal Kalman

Duration: 0:16:49
Learning objectives: At the end of this video viewers will: (1) learn of the recent trend between 2002 and 2010 showing a small overall increase in the proportion of adolescents meeting current PA guidelines in 32 countries across Europe and North America; (2) understand the trends at a country level, which show a positive trend was observed among boys in 16 countries and among girls in 10 countries; and (3) understand and be able to take the further actions which are needed on a local, national and international level to improve PA levels among the adolescent population.

Changing habits, changing lives - overcoming sedentary behavior in children

Speaker: Mike Loosemore

Duration: 0:24:11
Learning objectives: At the end of this video viewers will: (1) Understand the issues of inactivity in children (2) Understand how this will affect the population in the coming years (3) A practical solution, change behaviour.

Overweight prevalence trends over 8 years among nationally representative samples of 11-, 13-and 15- year olds in Europe and North America

Speaker: Namanjeet Ahluwalia

Duration: 0:21:08
Learning objectives: At the end of this video viewers will: (1) understand the complex etiology of overweight kids; (2) learn the latest trends in the prevalence of overweight in 11-, 13-, and 15-year olds in 25 countries in the HBSC survey; and (3) understand the time-trends in overweight prevalence from 2002-2010 as well as geographic patterns in overweight prevalence trends, based on data from 3 survey cycles of the HBSC study.

The pediatrician’s role in promoting good oral health in improving pediatric and adolescent oral health

Speaker: Songul Yalcin

Duration: 0:24:50
Learning objectives: At the end of the video, viewers will be able to: (1) Explain oral health developmental stages and identify risk assessments for dental problems (2) Describe disease prevention strategies and how to prevent and respond to oral problems (3) Educate parents about when children should visit the dentist.

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