Recorded: EIP 2021 ● Language: English ● Duration: 116 minutes Topic: Pediatric Respiratory

Moderator: Leanne Goh

Presentation 1: How Severe is my Food Allergy?
Sophia Kallis (UK)
Learning Objectives: (1) Spectrum of presentations in food allergy (2) Risk stratification for allergen introductions (3) How to keep patients with food allergies safe

Presentation 2: Functional symptoms in Allergic Disease
Leanne Goh (UK)
Learning Objectives: (1) How to avoid overdiagnosis/over management of allergic disease (2) Recognition and management of functional symptoms in patients with allergic disease (3) Illustrated using case-based discussions

Presentation 3: Addressing Adherence in Allergy
Penny Salt (UK)
Learning Objectives: (1) Exploring barriers to adherence (2) Recommending solutions to adherence (3) Illustrated using case-based discussions