Recorded:EIP 2021 ● Language:English● Duration: 101 minutes Topic: Pediatric Dermatology

Moderator: Barbara Kunz & Dirk Van Gysel

Presentation 1: Hair Loss in Children
Ramon Grimalt (ES)
Learning Objectives: (1) Be able to properly use the correct methods to assess hair loss in children (2) Recognize the most common hair diseases in childhood (3) Be able to treat the common disorders and study properly those that need to be studied.

Presentation 2: Nail Changes in Children
Julie Leysen (BE)
Learning Objectives: (1) To get an overview of the main nail changes in children. (2) To differentiate physiological from pathological nail changes in children. (3) To recognize nail disease as a window to internal disease.

Presentation 3: Management of Pigmentary Lesions, Difficult Decisions in Childhood
Zsuzsanna Zsalai (HU)
Learning Objectives: (1) A frequent question of pediatric dermatologic consultations is due to nevi concerns. The critical question is determining the different congenital and acquired nevi and their diagnostical approach and management. (2) Nevi at different body parts behave differently, particularly at the acral or genital localization and are difficult to manage at the eyes. It is important to recognize the differences and determine the therapeutic plan based on the expected behaviour. (3) Management of nevi in childhood is a very special topic, which needs expertise and special attention.