Recorded: EIP 2021 ● Language: English ● Duration: 114 minutes Topic: Pediatric Dermatology

Moderator: Anthon Hulsmann

Presentation 1: Inflammatory Skin Disorders in Children
Presenter: Flora de Waard-van der Spek (NL)
Learning Objectives: (1) Become aware of the large amount and variation in inflammatory skin disorders in children. (2) Recognize the clinical signs of several inflammatory skin disorders in children. (3) Learn about new targeted therapeutic interventions for some inflammatory skin disorders in children.

Presentation 2: The Red Baby - Neonatal Erythroderma
Presenter: Suzanne Pasmans (NL)
Learning Objectives: (1) Know what neonatal erythroderma is (2) Learn the Stepwise approach to diagnose the diseases that can result in neonatal erythroderma (3) Understand how to treat neonatal erythroderma

Presentation 3: Cutaneous Manifestations of Neonatal Bacterial Infection
Presenter: Anthon Hulsmann (NL)
Learning Objectives: (1) Skin Barrier Function and Bacterial Infections (2) Differential Diagnosis of Neonatal Skin Infections (3) Treatment of Neonatal Bacterial Skin Infections