Recorded: EIP 2021 ● Language: English ● Duration: 118 minutes Topic: Pediatric Gastroenterology

Moderator: Mark Beattie

Presentation 1: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Mark Beattie (UK)
Learning Objectives: (1) To review the epidemiology, classification and etiology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in children (2) To discuss the clinical features, investigation, and diagnosis (3) To review the recent advances in management

Presentation 2: (Peri) Anal Problems in Childhood
Justin de Jong (NL)
Learning Objectives: (1) Learn to distinguish the most common pediatric perianal disorders (2) Learn about possible therapy (3) Understand the consequence for the long term.

Presentation 3: Intestinal Failure in children: Causes and Management
Akshay Batra (UK)
Learning Objectives: (1) To recognize different aetiologies of Intestinal Failure in children and their outcomes. (2) To understand different types of Intestinal Failure and principles in management. (3) To be aware of and recognise long-term complications associated with intestinal failure.