Recorded: EIP 2021 ● Language: English ● Duration: 103 minutes Topic: Adolescent Risk Behaviours

Moderator: Jo Inchley

Presentation 1: What Really Put Adolescents at Risk Today?
Sophie Walsh (IL)
Learning Objectives: (1) To explore whether traditional or "classic" risk behaviours, e.g. substance use or early-age sex are what is putting youth at risk today. (2) To examine what may be considered contemporary risk factors for young people's well-being in the 21st century (3) To discuss the role medical professionals can play in identifying and supporting vulnerable youth today.

Presentation 2: Can mental health competence buffer against the impacts of social disadvantage on adolescent health and health behaviours?
Anna Pearce (UK)
Learning Objectives: (1) Learn about mental health competence in childhood and its relationship with adolescent health and health behaviours (2) Understand how effect modification approaches can be used to explore resilience (3) Consider how interventions to improve mental health competence might be used as a means to reducing inequalities

Presentation 3: Trends in young people's alcohol consumption and other health-related behaviors.
John Holmes (UK)
Learning Objectives: (1) To understand the decline in alcohol consumption among young people in high-income countries (2) To be aware of potential explanations for this decline and evidence relating to those explanations (3) To understand how the decline in alcohol consumption interacts with other changes in health-related behaviors among young people.