Recorded: EIP 2020 ● Language: English ● Duration: 111 minutes Topic: Pediatric Gastroenterology

Presentation 1: Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Functional Abdominal Pain

MARC BENNINGA, Head of Paediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition, University of Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

Learning Objectives: (1) Understand the epidemiology, definitions and clinical presentation of abdominal pain in children (2) Review recent the current non-pharmacological treatments of functional abdominal pain (3) Present evidence data regarding cognitive behavioural therapy and short and long term effect of hypnotherapy

Presentation 2: Pharmacological Management of Functional Abdominal Pain in Childhood

MARK BEATTIE, Professor and Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, University Hospital Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM

Learning Objectives: (1) Reflect on the diverse presentations of functional abdominal pain and the relevance to specific treatments (2) Discuss the evidence base for pharmacological therapies (3) Discuss the practical management

Presentation 3: The Role of the Pediatric Surgeon in Functional Constipation

JUSTIN DE JONG, Pediatric Surgeon, Pediatric Surgical Center of Amsterdam, Emma Children’s Hospital, THE NETHERLANDS

Learning Objectives: (1) Understand: Indications for surgery and the surgical option (2) Review: Results from the literature concerning surgery and constipation in children (3) Consider: Surgery as a last resort in children with intractable constipation