Recorded: EIP 2011 ● Language: English ● Duration: 23 minutes Topic: Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Speaker: PETER KARDOS, Dr., Maingau Hospital (Respiratory, Sleep and Allergy Unit), Frankfurt a.M., Germany

  Learning objectives: (1) The treatment of a wide variety of diseases using plant-based medicines is steadily gaining importance. In terms of their pharmaceutical efficacy, safety and quality today modern researched phyto-medicines have to follow allopathic principles and have to find their place in evidence-based medicine. Fulfilling these requirements researched plant-based medicines can be the preferred alternative to chemical and synthetically produced medicines. (2) With its "phytoneering" philosophy, Bionorica has established the gold standard in the research and production of phyto-medicines. “Phytoneering” stands for deciphering the active principles in botanicals (phyto) using innovative technologies (engineering) to research, develop and manufacture most effective plant-based medicines with proven efficacy and safety. (3) Bionorica SE is the leading company in the area of phyto-medicines worldwide and is established in 50 countries. Today Bionorica is the market leader in Germany as well as in many Eastern European countries. Primary indications for the 15 products in Bionorica’s portfolio include the areas of respiratory tract, gynaecology, urology and pain. One main focus of the company’s work is the research, development and marketing of plant-based medicines for the treatment of children with respiratory and urinary tract infections