Recorded: EIP 2020 ● Language: English ● Duration: 112 minutes Topic: Pediatric Neonatology

Presentation 1: Feeding Problems and Tongue-Tie

ROLAND HENTSCHEL, Professor, Head Neonatology/Intensive Care, University Hospital Freiburg, GERMANY

Learning Objectives: (1) Understand the epidemiology, definitions and clinical presentations of tongue-tie (2) Review detailed examination procedures and scores to assess malfunction with tongue-tie (3) Consider differential diagnoses of tongue-tie with feeding problems

Presentation 2: Seizures in the Neonate: State-of-the-Art

MARIA ROBERTA CILIO, Adjunct Prof. Pediatric Neurology, University of Louvain, BELGIUM

Learning Objectives: (1) Differentiate acute seizures from neonatal-onset epilepsies. (2) Recognize specific electro-clinical phenotypes. (3) Understand a new treatment approach based on etiology.

Presentation 3: Update on Sedation and Analgesia in Neonates

HANNA PETERSEN, Neonatologist, Specialist Neonatal Clinic, Charité Berlin, GERMANY

Learning Objectives: (1) Understand pain response, long-term impact and pain assessment in neonates. (2) Review evidence-based guidance concerning pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures (3) Consider evidence-based individualized analgosedation approaches.