The stark reality is that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to face the fact that we are now living in a new era, one that is impacting all aspects of our lives, including our healthcare priorities. Established vaccine barriers to increase vaccination rates have now shifted and new ones have emerged, we must come together to identify, assess and react to these new priorities urgently.

The Healthcare Community and Policymakers must address the new and emerging challenges before they become insurmountable. By bringing together the key organisations, opinion leaders, associations, and policymakers EIP are constantly working on what needs to change and what activities need to happen to support the desired change.

The Working Groups, the Summit and the Expert Group Meetings are central to EIP's work as part of the EU Vaccines Coalition and we are proud to collaborate with 20 allied organisations and associations in our work. The Vaccines Together initiative is an online collaboration hub run by EIP, targeting to increase vaccination coverage rates across Europe, and across all stages of life, by facilitating collaboration, best practices exchange, ideas and educational resources sharing among organisations, associations, and institutions involved in promoting vaccinations. In addition, we run linked campaigns directly to individual members and healthcare professionals to promote vaccine at every possible opportunity.



All members and organisations are participating in the annual Summit taking place each December.
DAY 1 - dedicated to examining the current situation, discussing the work that has been done by each Working Group and agreeing on priorities and actions for the next year.
DAY 2 – members and invited Experts are split into 8 Expert Groups, each assigned to discuss in-depth and prepare actions on a specific area, or challenge that needs to be addressed. 




How to reach out and communicate with adolescents to increase Meningococcal Vaccination uptake?
Strategies to increase vaccination coverage of patients with chronic conditions
How to educate healthcare professionals across all specialties on the different vaccines technologies and their pros and cons.
Strategies to increase vaccinations of pregnant women
Interventions to increase vaccination uptake among healthcare professionals
Is the vaccination of children against COVID-19 necessary to achieve community immunity?
Strategies to fight Antimicrobial Resistance through vaccination policies
Strategies to reduce hospitalisations of children from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)


If you wish to participate please nominate yourself or your organisation