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Excellence in Pediatrics is a global community of pediatricians allowing members to engage in peer-to-peer learning, to connect and work with their colleagues around the world at the
 annual conference and through our online platform. We invite child healthcare professionals to become members, access our educational resources and actively participate in our activities. No membership fee applied. 

Spot the Early Signs of Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)

The EIP Conference is now in its 13th year and is proud to provide all delegates with access to the latest practical pediatric advice covering all stages of life from infancy and early years all the way through to adolescent health - even covering the transition to adult care in certain cases. The program has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the main pediatric specialities and across all ages.


Spot the Early Signs of MPS (Mucopolysaccharidosis)

The stark reality is that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to face the fact that we are now living in a new era, one that is impacting all aspects of our lives, including our healthcare priorities. Established vaccine barriers to increase vaccination rates have now shifted and new ones have emerged, we must come together to identify, assess and react to these new priorities urgently.

The Healthcare Community and Policymakers must address the new and emerging challenges before they become insurmountable. By bringing together the key organisations, opinion leaders, associations, and policymakers EIP are constantly working on what needs to change and what activities need to happen to support the desired change.

Videos of Recorded Conference Sessions: Adolescent Medicine


The Excellence In Pediatrics is a busy network allowing members to work collaboratively with their colleagues around the world. Our members are the heart of the Institute, they decide on the strategy, the priorities and the activities of the Institute. They are sharing their knowledge, exchanging best practices and shaping the future of pediatrics contributing in terms of both content and ideas. The Excellence In Pediatrics is open for individual professionals from all over the world to become members. Membership is free. Please complete the form below to become member of EIP

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About EIP