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Empowering Child Healthcare Professionals Through Collaborative Learning and Shared Knowledge

The Excellence in Pediatrics (EIPC) Community is a beacon of collaborative and peer-driven learning among child healthcare professionals globally. It provides an innovative online platform enabling members to forge connections, share insights, and collaborate with peers from diverse geographical locations. These members are at the heart of the EIP Institute, significantly influencing its strategic direction, priority setting, and the design of its wide-ranging activities. The EIP Community, which is open and freely accessible to healthcare professionals from all corners of the globe, offers an inviting space for those keen to engage in meaningful dialogue and joint learning endeavours.

In its mission to elevate awareness and education among frontline child healthcare workers, EIP has successfully conducted over 100 free webinars and courses in recent years, underscoring the importance of peer-to-peer education. These educational offerings are not only extensively promoted for maximum reach but are also recorded and made accessible to a vast network of 45,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional development.

Moreover, the EIP Institute, through its varied initiatives, including annual meetings and comprehensive educational programs, generates an extensive collection of educational content. This content is meticulously curated and disseminated throughout the EIP Community, enriching the knowledge base of child healthcare professionals. Over the years, this effort has created a substantial online educational content library, which includes recordings of annual conference sessions. This library, featuring over 300 informative sessions, is a crucial resource for healthcare professionals striving to update their competencies and deepen their understanding, thereby significantly improving the standard of care provided to children worldwide.

Learn more about the Excellence in Pediatric Institute's Activities: the annual conference, the webinars and CME courses, the educational programs,  the LifeCouse Prevention and Vaccine Together initiatives. Become a Member of the Excellence in Pediatrics Community. Join us now!


Welcome to Spring 2024 Series 6 of the Spot the Early Signs of MPS Free-to-View Online Sessions

Illuminating the complexities of Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) - a path to eliminate delays in diagnosis and treatment

EIP’s Spot the Early Signs Program proudly presents Series 6 (Spring 2024) of the "Spotting the Early Signs of MPS Program”. Join us for an engaging and informative online series that illuminates the complexities of Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS). Embarking on this educational journey, participants will engage with a panel of esteemed experts dedicated to improving the timely diagnosis and management of MPS in children and mitigating the detrimental impact of misdiagnosis and diagnostic delays. Each session, designed to fit within an hour, will delve into real-life case studies, fostering expert discussions and encouraging audience interaction through Q&A.

View the session's agenda and learning objectives.

View the session's agenda and learning objectives.

View the session's agenda and learning objectives.



Excellence In Pediatrics thrives as an active network, empowering its members to collaborate with peers across the globe. At the core of the Institute are our members, who play a crucial role in determining our strategic direction, priorities, and the range of activities we undertake. Through the sharing of knowledge, exchange of best practices, and contribution of both content and innovative ideas, they are instrumental in shaping the future of pediatric care.

The Institute welcomes individual professionals from every corner of the world to join our community. Membership is complimentary, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and the broad dissemination of pediatric knowledge. To join the Excellence In Pediatrics network and start making your mark on the field, please complete the membership form below. Join us in our mission to advance pediatric care globally.

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