Spot the Early Signs Education Program

The program aims to fight under-diagnosed or late-diagnosed conditions for which treatments are available and where early detection and early treatment could make a significant difference in the condition's development, the quality of life and the survival of patients.

Education remains the number one tool for EIP in making a huge impact on the way child healthcare professions advise and treat the children and families they support. By providing the latest advice and information to just one pediatrician EIP can improve healthcare for the thousands of children that HCP sees each year. 

Our targeted educational campaigns allow EIP to make a positive and measurable impact in the areas that need it most and we are multiplying this impact out across Europe and around the world. Excellence in Pediatrics (EIP) believes that working directly with pediatricians is the only way to improve the identification, treatment and referral rates of children with a wide range of disorders and conditions.

A Peer2Peer Educational Approach to Improve Everyday Practice 

Pediatricians and family doctors are likely to be the first healthcare professionals to observe symptoms, and it is important to help these front-line clinicians suspect, diagnose, and refer patients. 

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