Education Program Grants

The mission of the Excellence in Pediatrics Grants for Learning & Change is to partner with the global healthcare community to improve patient outcomes in areas of mutual interest through support of measurable learning and change strategies. Through this process we encourage organisations and individual healthcare professionals to submit grant requests that, if funded, will support education in a specific disease state, therapeutic area, or broader area of educational need. An education program could target to cover educational needs at a country, region or global level.  

Please review carefully the instructions below and start the application process. 

Please send us first a brief summary of the program/project for which you are planning to request support. EIP will review your application and based on EIP's strategic priorities, the importance of the proposed program, the budget and EIP's available funds we will give clearance for the detailed application to be submitted and finally considered for a Grant by the Grant Committee.

The initial application should include the Title of the project, the organisational details, the goals and targeted audience, the activity plan, the timeline and a preliminary budget.        

The final detailed grant applications should be single-spaced using Arial 12-point font. Note there is a 15-page limit exclusive of references. Please include the following: 

  1. Title 
  2. Organisational Detail: Describe the attributes of the institutions/organisations that will support and facilitate the execution of the project, the leadership of the proposed project, and the specific role of each partner in the proposed project. 
  3. Goal: Briefly state the overall goal of the project. 
  4. Objectives: List the objectives you plan to meet with your project, in terms of learning and expected outcomes. 
  5. Assessment of Need: Include a quantitative baseline data summary, initial metrics, or a project starting point (please cite data on gap analyses or relevant patient-level data that informs the stated objectives) in your target area. 
  6. Target Learner Audience: Describe the primary audience(s) targeted for this project. Indicate whom you believe will directly benefit from the project outcomes. Describe the overall population size as well as the size of your sample population. 
  7. Project Design and Methods: Describe the planned project, the educational approach, and the way the planned methods address the established need. 
  8. Innovation: Explain what measures you have taken to assure that this project idea is original and does not duplicate other projects or materials already developed. Describe how this project builds upon existing work pilot projects, or ongoing projects developed either by your institution or other institutions related to this project. 
  9. Outcomes Evaluation: In terms of the metrics used for the needs assessment, describe how you will determine if the gap was addressed for the target group. Identify the sources of data you anticipate using to make the determination. Describe how you expect to collect and analyse the data. Explain the method used to control for other factors outside this project (e.g., use of a control group or comparison with baseline data). Quantify the amount of change expected from this project in terms of your target audience. Describe how you will determine if the target audience was fully engaged in the project. 
  10. Dissemination Plan: Describe how the project may have extended benefit beyond the grant. Will the teaching materials be made available to others to use? Will there be tools or resources that are made publicly available beyond the initial project. Describe how the project outcomes might be broadly disseminated. 
  11. Timeline 
  12. Additional Information: If there is any additional information you feel EIP should be aware of concerning the importance of this project, please summarise it in within the page limitations. 
  13. References (outside the 15-page limit) 
  14. Budget: Please indicate the overall budget of the program and the amount requested from EIP. After the completion of the preliminary approval process a detailed budget should be submitted   

Education Grants are only available for Excellence in Pediatrics Members. For your application to be considered you need to be a member of EIP community and all your personal details are updated. If you are not a member please take a few minutes to join the community and update your public profile by following the link below. 

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