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Diagnosis and treatment of migraine

Speaker: Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

Duration: 0:30:30

Implications of neuroscience for clinical work and public health

Speaker: Prof. Russel Viner

Duration: 0:15:42

Social networking sites and adolescent health

Speaker: Megan Moreno

Duration: 0:19:08

Self injury

Speaker: Prof. Philip Hazell

Duration: 0:26:28

Cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of depression in children and adolescents

Speaker: Paul Stallard

Duration: 0:25:15

The effective diagnosis of a child with ADHD. Avoiding the common problems with diagnosis and referral

Speaker: Michael Fitzgerald

Duration: 0:49:26

Learning objectives: At the end of the video, viewers will: (1) learn how to conduct ADHD diagnosis within the ordinary OPD session; (2) learn how to identify a small number of ADHD plus severe comorbidity that require referral; and (3) be updated on best practice in the treatment of most patients with ADHD.


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