Excellence in Pediatrics Webinar Series

Free-to-View Webinars from the Leading Experts Promoted to 45,000 Child Healthcare Professionals Globally

The annual conference goes a long way in achieving EIP’s mission to share the latest developments and practical advice in pediatrics. But EIP want to build on the face-to-face education at the annual meeting by taking the learning outside the halls and arranging a series of free-to view webinars - hosted and promoted every month throughout the year. EIP's target is to increase awareness and knowledge among frontline child healthcare professionals through Peer-to-Peer education and sharing essential information. Webinar are delivered by international and national pediatric sub-specialists, in English and national languages. As well as being delivered live webinars are recorded and made available through EIP's Library and dedicated websites, available to 45,000 healthcare professionals connected to EIP, and many thousands more around the world.

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