Pledge your support and volunteer to participate and contribute at the Spot the Early Signs Education Program

Our target is to educate frontline pediatricians to detect, refer and diagnose a number of serious conditions for which early detection could make a difference to the condition's development and patient's health. The program will gradually cover a broad spectrum of conditions through educational materials and trainings for each topic. 

Our goal is to mobilise the collective power of child healthcare professionals in spreading education among the medical communities, frontline healthcare professionals and especially our younger colleagues.

Excellence in Paediatrics (EIP) believes that working directly with paediatricians is the only way to improve the identification, treatment and referral rates of children with a wide range of disorders and conditions.

By providing education and resources to EIP’s members, not only can they prepare themselves to spot the signs but crucially share materials (eLearnings, lectures, articles and webinars) with their own networks, both online and face-to-face

The Program is already live and initially targeted at Spotting the Signs of Metabolic Disorders, but will soon be expanded to include more conditions. 

Explore the education portal of the program by clicking on the banner below. 


Pledge your support and volunteer to participate and contribute at the Spot the Early Signs Education Program by clicking on the banner below. 


For each thematic area the Program includes:

  1. An information portal which simultaneously serves as (1) online course to train frontline pediatricians on the specific topic (2) point of reference for the condition (3) builds a network of HCPs who are trained to organise Peer-2-Peer education activities in their facilities. Education materials to train frontline pediatricians which includes: (1) short animated videos with practical information on how to spot the early signs - shared through social media and professional networks to increase awareness (2) recorded training webinars, and (3) recorded training lectures and conference sessions.

  2. Online education activities in the form of webinars targeting: (1) to train the volunteers, and (2) to train any frontline pediatrician who is interested  Face to face education activities which includes: (1) EIP conference sessions, and (2) Briefing and lectures organised by the network volunteers in their facilities based on the materials and presentations template.    


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